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Bush Proclaims "National Day of Mourning" for Reagan (2004-06-07) President Bush issued a proclamation June 6 officially announcing the death of Ronald Reagan, the 40th president of the United States, and designating Friday, June 11, the day of Reagan's funeral service at Washington's National Cathedral, as a National Day of Mourning for the late leader. more

The Embassy will be closed on June 11th, 2004, the National Day of Mourning in Memory in Memory of Former President Ronald Reagan. In case of emergency, please call 46 01 23.

Nous informons le public de la fermeture de notre Ambassade des Etats-Unis à Luxembourg le vendredi 11 juin, jour de Deuil National à l'occasion des funérailles du Président Ronald Reagan. L'Ambassade sera réouverte le lundi 14 juin, 2004. En cas d'extrème urgence veuillez composer le 46 01 23.

U.N. Resolution Offers New Hope for Iraq, Officials Say (2004-06-09) With the passage of the milestone resolution on Iraq June 8, senior officials of the United States, United Nations, and the new interim government of Iraq expressed optimism that the resolution will be a turning point in the country's political process and its relations with the international community. The resolution, passed unanimously by the 15-nation Security Council, endorses the new interim government of Iraq which will assume authority with the end of the occupation and the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) June 30, allows the multinational force (MNF) to provide security in partnership with the new government, sets out a leading role for the United Nations in helping the political process over the next year; and calls on the international community to aid Iraq in its transition. The spirit of cooperation and, as one diplomat characterized it, "consensus atmosphere" throughout the negotiations marked a new chapter in the Security Council's work on Iraq, which had been marred by deep divisions over the decision by the United States, United Kingdom, and other members of the coalition to invade Iraq in 2003. more | Powell Hopes U.N. Resolution Changes Political Dynamic in Iraq

NATO Should Be Involved in Iraq, Bush and Blair Say at G8 (2004-06-09) President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair held an early morning meeting during the G8 summit in Sea Island, Georgia, June 9 to discuss the U.N. Security Council resolution on Iraq that was approved the previous day, as well as the security situation in Iraq and the upcoming handover of sovereignty. Meeting with reporters afterwards, Bush said the two men agree that NATO "ought to be involved" in Iraq. "We will work with our NATO friends to at least continue the role that now exists, and hopefully expand it somewhat," Bush said. He also said he understands that a lot of allies are not in a position to commit more troops but that "I do think NATO ought to stay involved, and I think we have a good chance of getting that done." more

World Leaders Press for Reform in Middle East, North Africa (2004-06-09) Leaders of the Group of Eight (G8) industrialized countries have pledged their "genuine cooperation" with the governments and peoples of the broader Middle East and North Africa in their efforts to promote freedom and democratization in the region. In a June 9 declaration issued during their summit in Sea Island, Georgia, the leaders of Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and the United States said their support for reform throughout the Middle East and North Africa goes "hand-in-hand" with their support for a "just, comprehensive and lasting" settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. more | Paul Wolfowitz on "The Road Map for a Sovereign Iraq"

Global Nonproliferation Action Plan Approved by G8 (2004-06-09) The Group of Eight (G8) countries adopted an action plan June 9 to counter the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) by increasing controls over relevant materials and technologies, dismantling proliferation networks, and expanding the global partnership against the spread of WMD. The action plan advances an ambitious global nonproliferation agenda and furthers the proposals contained in President Bush's February 11, 2004 speech at the National Defense University. WMD proliferation "together with international terrorism, constitutes the preeminent threat to global peace and security," said the leaders of the G8, who were meeting in Sea Island, Georgia. more

G8 Leaders Give Strong Push to Global Trade Talks (2004-06-09) The Group of Eight (G8) nations have announced their commitment to complete a framework by late July for achieving results in the stalled World Trade Organization (WTO) talks. "We face a moment of strategic economic opportunity: by combining an upturn in growth in various regions with a global reduction in barriers to trade, we can deepen, broaden, and extend this economic expansion," the G8 said in a statement issued June 9. The eight countries said they will focus on "substantially" reducing trade-distorting agricultural subsidies and barriers to market access; opening markets more widely to trade in goods; expanding opportunities for trade in services; streamlining customs rules and other trade-related procedures, and advancing the development of all countries within the WTO system. more

Traveler Security is Focus of SAFTI Action Plan Adopted by G8 (2004-06-09) An action plan to counter terrorist attacks on the international transportation system -- including attacks from shoulder-launched missiles known as Man-Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS) -- was adopted at the Group of Eight (G8) summit in Sea Island, Georgia, June 9.  In adopting the Secure and Facilitated International Travel Initiative (SAFTI), the G8 leaders said they were "committed to further assuring the safety of the traveling public while working cooperatively to facilitate movement of travelers across our borders." more | Backgrounder: International Travel Security on G8 Agenda

Global Poverty Action Plan Approved by G8 Leaders (2004-06-09) Leaders of the world's major industrialized nations have approved an action plan that seeks to use the power of the private sector to alleviate global poverty. In a June 9 action plan, leaders of the Group of Eight (G8) countries -- the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Italy, France, Germany, Canada, and Russia -- announced steps they intend to take to facilitate the flow of remittances from workers to their homes in developing countries, to expand access to microfinance across the globe, to help poorer countries develop local mortgage and municipal bond markets, and to assist countries in adopting reforms that will improve the business climate for investors and entrepreneurs. more | Famine and Food Security Initiative Advanced by G8 Leaders

-- Washington File, June 10, 2004


Embassy Announcements:

New procedures at ports of entry in the US starting January 5th, 2004: Automated Entry/Exit Program for US travelers entering with Visas

Since January 5, 2004, the US-VISIT program is active in all 115 U.S. commercial international airports and in 14 major seaports served by cruise liners. With certain exceptions, all travelers entering the United States with a visa at one of those locations have an electronic scan taken of right and left index fingers and are photographed by a digital camera at the immigration inspection station. These enhanced procedures add only seconds to the visitor’s overall processing time.

Travelers entering the United States under the Visa Waiver Program are not subject to US-VISIT and are not subject to having a digital finger scan or being photographed. more

Worldwide Caution: April 29, 2004
This Public Announcement is being updated to remind U.S. citizens of the continuing threat of terrorist actions and anti-American violence against U.S. citizens and interests overseas. This supersedes the Worldwide Caution dated March 23, 2004 and expires on October 23, 2004. more

Postponement of Deadline for Machine Readable Passports for Travellers from Certain Visa Waiver Countries
The Secretary of State has granted a postponement until October 26, 2004, as the date by which visa waiver program travelers from 21 countries must present a machine-readable passport at a U.S. port of entry to be admitted to the country without a visa. the department of state consulted with the Department of Homeland Security before making this decision. more

As of November 12, 2003, Luxembourg now has a postponement of the deadline for its Machine readable passports for travellers without a visa until October 26, 2004.  more

Refund of Withholding on Social Security Benefits Paid to Green Card Holders
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is notifying certain resident aliens that they can apply for a refund of taxes incorrectly withheld from their Social Security benefits. These resident aliens are legitimate green card holders who at some time lived in the United States (U.S.)  but returned to their country of origin. more


European Union News:

EU and Candidate countries citizens both support enlargement, but with different concerns
The importance of enlargement is widely believed to be nationally important among European Union citizens and the positive global consequences of this new step in the EU are also well understood, according to a Eurobarometer survey published today. Moreover, a publication of a note based on the latest Candidate countries Eurobarometer survey shows that among candidate countries citizens, the general support for EU membership has risen to 60%. more

EU Press releases


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